Forever Young, drinking from the fabled fountain.

So today’s prompt asks the question, “If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?” and to this I answer….I have to f***ing clue. This would be a huge deal, think of the fortunes you could amass, the experiences you could have, the people you could know, the history you could witness! 200 years from now I could be standing where I am sitting now, and it could be a giant parking lot for some megalopolis city! I could remember when it was this shitty little apartment.

However, if you or I were to drink from this fountain, then you would outlive all of your loved ones, all of your friends, etc. Would their come a time when you didn’t want to make any more relationships because you knew those people would just die off anyway? Would you eventually get bored? What about the condition of the country or the world? I for one do not like the direction the future is heading, would I want to stay alive long enough to see what is coming?

All things to ponder as you sit at the fabled fountain cooling your toes in its cool waters. 

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One thought on “Forever Young, drinking from the fabled fountain.

  1. Don’t ponder too long, it may dry up…

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