A ramble on Christmas, Tradition, and Religion

Merry Christmas! That’s right, I said Merry Christmas! Why do I say it? Because I am a traditionalist. 

I’m not Christian, in fact I am not anything. On my best day I am agnostic, on my worst day I am atheist. I come from an odd family when it comes to religion; Mom is atheist Grandma doesn’t care about religion one way or another, Grandpa is Agnostic, and my moms sister is Jehovah Witness. Funny, because most of my moms side of the family is from the South and the South tends to be religious. I think my Grandmas mom was Catholic. My dad was raised Jehovah Witness but was thrown out, his sister is still one, but her husband quite the faith, of course my dads parents were JW’s, but I think that further in that part of the family tree they were either Christian or Catholic (on the Scottish Side) and Jewish (on the Polish side). 

What is my point to all this you are asking yourself? Why am I rambling? Well it is to show how odd my familial background is on religion and how it affects my views on Christmas. Now, do I think that Christmas day is the official birth of Christ? Not a snow balls chance in Hell. Do I believe Christ existed? Yeah, I do. However, I do not believe that he was the son of a god. With that being said, I still celebrate Christmas and all that it stands for. Hypocritical? Maybe it is. I just love the thought of everyone trying to get along for a day, and trying to be good to one another, and giving gifts. Not to receive gifts, but because they want to make another person happy. I loathe how commercial Christmas has become.

I love the traditions of Christmas, and I love celebrating any good tradition that I come  across. It ties us to our past in many ways I think.

I think I have rambled enough on that thought. I hope anyone who reads this has a wonderful Christmas.

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One thought on “A ramble on Christmas, Tradition, and Religion

  1. And I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too. Sorry, I didn’t get you anything.

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