Car Rant/Story

My girlfriend has been driving my old 95 Explorer of late, as she has a new job, no car, and two kids. Figured my Explorer is just sitting while I drive around a new car, so I might as well let her use it. Not many things are worse on a car than just letting it sit, seals and gaskets dry out, rubber hoses dry rot, things get in the wiring, etc. Well on Monday she calls me from her work and says that the tank is empty, and she just filled it on Friday, and that she thinks she smelled gas. My first thought, fuel leak. Well with it being night time and me not having a garage, I couldn’t check it that night, the next day was Christmas, and then Wednesday and Thursday of course I had to work. Go to work in the dark, come home in the dark. I know most anyone who reads this knows that feeling.
Anyway, I got off work Friday, and promptly put the Explorer up on jack stands ,turned it on, and crawled under it. I checked the fuel lines from gas tank to engine…not one gas leak. Which is odd, considering if it was losing that much gas there should be puddles under it. Plenty of other things leaking though, as I said, not many things harder on a vehicle than letting it sit. So while I was under there I decided to change out the fuel filter. No better time like while you already have it jacked up right? Well, one of Fords “better ideas” was the quick disconnect fitting…when they are old, their is not one damn quick thing about those disconnects. I have diagrams of them below (if this works right). So my only recourse is to take it to a shop 😦 and I did so this morning. This angers me, I have replaced fuel filters before with out issues. Hell, I have replaced transmissions, transfer cases, water pumps, rocker arm covers, myriad sensors, filters, etc. Of course I had a headed and lighted garage to do it in, not just an open parking lot like I do now. Maybe that has something to do with sucking my will to fight this thing. 
Walked in to the shop, told them everything that was going on…and even the shop owner was scratching his head. He agreed with me that it is probably not a leak, and of course he was more than happy to take my money to replace the fuel filter. Except, he couldn’t replace the filter. The head mechanic is on vacation and won’t be back until Wednesday, and the tool needed is locked up in his tool box. GRRRR!!! In the meantime we put our heads together on the problem..and come up with a simple possible answer….someone siphoned gas out of the tank. One locking gas cap later and a full tank are now purchased and hopefully the fuel filter and quick disconnect issue will be resolved on Wednesday.


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3 thoughts on “Car Rant/Story

  1. Tried to replace the fuel filter in my Mazda (Ford) truck earlier this year. Three hours and a broken tool later I waived the white flag, hung my head in shame, and felt my cheeks burn as my truck laughed in victory. Super annoying that someone siphoned gas… Smart move to put in the locking gas cap

  2. Yeah, Ford/Mazda is the same truck and they have the same stupid fittings. Hate them!

  3. For mine, I just figure they put the wrong part on there. I know for my washer fluid pump instead of the part they were supposed to use (for a ’96 Mazda B2300) they ended up putting in the rear window washer pump for a ’96 Ford Explorer.

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