The heater mystery

I work what we call a Flex or RDO (Regular Day Off) schedule. I get every other Friday off, work Monday through Thursday 6/630 AM to around 4:30 PM, Working Fridays are an hour off earlier. It’s a nice schedule having a three day weekend, every other weekend. Especially around the holidays 🙂 

Anyway, I woke up this morning around 8:00, and I was freezing. Freezing is not a state of being that this desert rat likes to be in.* I remembered turning my heater down as normal when I stumbled to bed at 1am, after getting drunk on HALO 4 multi-player, but not down enough to freeze….and why was my heater running but not heating anything up? I didn’t want to get out of bed to find out, but the pressure in my bladder compelled me to do so. So after a quick bathroom stop, I looked at my thermostat. My thermostat tells me that it is 45 degrees in my apartment, and a quick check of the vest tells me that the heater is blowing cold air. Awesome. 

Now, I’m single (as in unmarried) and I am male. Single males are not always lazy, but we can be very lazy. Today I feel like being lazy. I turned my thermostat off, threw on yesterdays clothes, a hat, my trusty boots, my beat up leather jacket, a quick teeth brushing, and went to a warm diner for breakfast. Too cold to shower or dilly dally looking for fresh clothes….but I will brush my teeth so not to offend the waitress. 

After a leisurely breakfast and a few chapters of the newest Tom Clancy novel over about a pot of coffee I decided it would be time to drive home and talk to the landlord about the heater. Then I realized I should probably pay him the rent, or he may not be to inclined to do anything about the heater. Not that he is ever inclined to fix anything, he is old, lazy and cheap. I tend to fix things around here myself.

So I come home, check the heater, and LO AND BEHOLD IT WORKS!!!I have never heard of a heater doing this, they either work or don’t work, non of this intermittent nonsense. Must be a gremlin in the system, the apartment is full of gremlins. 

Guess I should take that shower now that my apartment is warm 🙂


*If your thinking the desert can’t get freezing you are mistaken. when I go to work in the morning it has been around 13 degrees outside. It gets very cold. Land of extremes. 

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One thought on “The heater mystery

  1. I wonder if it’s the same gremlin in my truck where the odometer and speedometer only work intermittently?

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