Daily Prompt: Call Me Ishmael

The Dark Tower:

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

That is my favorite opening line in any book, and it is from one of my favorite books/series of books; The Dark Tower series. Why is it my favorite line? Simple, it captures you and makes you want to read more. Who is this Man in Black? Who is this Gunslinger? Why is the Gunslinger chasing the Man in Black? All questions that ran through my head when I first cracked open the book. The series itself is quite amazing, though it does feel a bit rushed at the end. I use lines from it all the time: “Hile Gunslinger”, “Long days and pleasant nights to you”, “Fault always lies in the same place, my fine babies: with him weak enough to lay blame,” even my blog page quote “Go then, there are other worlds than these.” 

Stephen King was hit by a minivan in 1999 (I remember it happened while I was on a road trip with my dad, right after high school graduation). When he recovered from it, he saw that he almost died without finishing his series, so he spent the next few years finishing it, among writing other stores. The problem with it is, as I said before, the last three books feel a bit rushed. The last book has some heartbreaking moments too, The Song of Fire and Ice kind of sting to it really, which is also one of my favorite series. 

I have read many great book series in my young 31 years: Lee Childs Jack Reacher books, Stephen Hunters books about the Swagger Family, Glen Cook’s Black Company series, Tom Clancy’s stuff, Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch books (though all of his books are set in the same literary universe and most tie in to the Bosch books some how), The Dresden Files, The Dragon Lance books, and of course Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, and others I am forgetting and too lazy to go look through my kindle to find the names too. However, the dark tower series is the one I keep coming back to. 

Even thinking about a Dark Tower inspired tattoo 😛

Long days and pleasant nights to you, constant reader.

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One thought on “Daily Prompt: Call Me Ishmael

  1. While walking along a beach one day I came across a door, it opened for me and I stepped through to see what I could on the other side…

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