“Let me stand next to your fire”

I wrote yesterdays daily prompt, but for some reason it  never published. Let me try this again.

What five things would I want to save? Well most of my important papers and keepsakes are in a fire proof safe. Though this does remind me that I need to go through it, and maybe buy another one. So assuming the important papers would be nice and safe to snag after I sift through the rubble for it, these are the five things I would grab on my way out of my apartment if it were on fire.

1.) My wallet. Think of everything in your wallet, and how hard life would be if your wallet were lost while your home burned down.

2.) Car keys to both vehicles. You better believe I am moving them out of the way of the fire trucks and fire!

3.) My cell phone. Think of how much of your life is locked away in your smart phone…..

4.) I would take the strategically placed bag that is next to my gun safe, put my guns in it, and get them out of the apartment.

5.) Same as 4, but with the ammo. Why ammo you ask? Well let me tell you: if you were a fire fighter, would you want to try and spray an home down with ammo cooking off inside of it?

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One thought on ““Let me stand next to your fire”

  1. How very thoughtful of you to pull out the ammo so the firefighters don’t have to worry about it. Selfless to the end – rather than saving something with more sentimental of dollar value you are thinking about the safety of others. Good stuff.

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