Today’s daily prompt, also titled, What Would I miss and replace?

So yesterdays daily prompt asked us to save five things from a fire. Today’s is asking us what we would miss. Well…EVERYTHING! After all, it is all mine, I bout it because I wanted it or thought I HAD TO HAVE IT! So why wouldn’t I miss it all?

Now, I don’t have many things that are irreplaceable or hold a ton of sentimental value. I do have a few though, and as I said in the last post, most of those are in a fire proof safe. The only things that are not (that I can think of) are my photo albums and scarp books. While those would suck to lose, I can live without them.

Everything else could be replaced by rental insurance (I hope). What would I start with?

 1.) Clothes, I would need to replace some of my clothing I think. Hard to go to work naked or in the pj’s that I fled your burning dwelling in, as it burned to the ground at 2am.  

2.) Speaking of dwelling, how about a place to live?  I would want to replace my apartment ASAP.

3.) Next, I would probably replace my computer (I’m thinking laptop). Everything is online these days, including all those pesky utilities I would need to turn on at the new dwelling. 

4.) My couch. I love my couch, it is a cushy leather hand me down from my brother. Yes, I disinfected it before I used it, and yes whoever gets it after me will want to wipe it down with something too 😉 It holds some sentimental value, and can not truly be replaced, but I would have to make an attempt. 

5.) TV, XBox 360, and Halo 4. I know this is three things, but I would replace them all at once.

6.) My kindle. 

7.) I would make an attempt to replace some of my book and comic book collection. I could theoretically replace it all, and I would want to replace it all, but I don’t think I would. I love my collections, but they take up a lot of room, and they grow monthly. I would probably replace a couple key book series (Dark Tower, Dragon Lance, Dresdin Files, Song of Fire and Ice, etc.), and some of the more sentimental comic books and comic book series. However, after that I would probably be done. 

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4 thoughts on “Today’s daily prompt, also titled, What Would I miss and replace?

  1. Hey, can I borrow the Dresdin Files some time?

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