California is going to make me a felon.

Last Thursday new gun control proposals were introduced in to the California legislature. If passed, these proposals will be the most draconian gun legislation ever passed in the United States on a state wide level. I will become a felon just for possessing certain type of ammo, two guns with a 102 year old design (one of which is 50 years old itself), and my little  .22 LR will also be felonious to own. No grandfathering in of older weapons either. Here are the proposals.:

  • Require anyone wishing to buy ammunition to first get a permit by passing a background check, as Los Angeles and Sacramento already do.
  • Update the definition of a banned shotgun with a revolving cylinder to include the new technology of a shotgun-rifle combination. The way it is worded, basically only single shot shotguns will remain legal.
  • Prevent unregulated gun loans, with some exceptions, including hunting, in order to keep weapons from those who haven’t passed background checks.
  • Require all handgun owners obtain a safety certificate every year, rather than the every-five-years requirement for purchases of new handguns.
  • Prohibit anyone barred from owning a weapon from living in a home where weapons are kept and to expand the list of crimes for which convictions result in being barred from gun possession.
  • Let the state Justice Department use money from the state’s Dealer’s Record of Sale system to eliminate the backlog of people identified as no longer allowed to own guns but not yet investigated and contacted by law enforcement.
  • Possession of hollow point bullets and similar assault bullets a felony.
  •  Only purchase max 500 rounds, Max.
  • 10 round magazine limit.
  • ALL magazines must be fixed to the gun (can not be removed without the use of a tool)
  • 100% prohibition of all magazines greater than 10 rounds. All previous grandfathered magazines become illegal. Felony if you keep one.
  • Two different .05 per bullet tax initiatives were also introduced. Both could pass, raising it to .10 per bullet, per box.

If any of these pass, I will be loaning my guns to a friend in Arizona until I can find a way to move the hell out of this state. I love the land in California, but can’t stand the legislation that runs it.

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5 thoughts on “California is going to make me a felon.

  1. Leave it to California to punish law abiding gun owners instead of going after real criminals.

  2. I can’t imagine such strict regulations making it through in tact – the two taxes will probably be okay, but I don’t think they will get the no more grandfathered sections in. How many felons would that make in this state instantly? But what do I know. This is the state where we were okay with the government blackmailing us: Prop 30 – vote for this tax or we will close your kids’ schools.

    • California government is a left wing Democrat majority, made up of LA, Bay Area, and Sacramento type people. Of course this will make it through.

      • Possibly. This may be one of those instances where the complexity of the government actually works out for the best… it could either get tied up by too many people trying to get their two cents in, or it could immediately get appealed and wrapped up in the court systems to determine if it is legal or not.

  3. what’s going on here? cops shooting innocent people cos they’re all scared about Dorner, more cops, more guns, and we can’t protect ourselves? sheesh. I hear ya.

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