Emergency preparedness

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about emergency response. What would you do if you had to evacuate your home, and basically survive on your own for a few days? Think of something along the lines of Katrina, a big Earthquake that levels your apartment/condo/house, societal upheaval of some sort…hell, even a zombiepoc. 

Knowing that where I live would be essentially cut off from the rest of California in a large scale emergency, makes me think that certain supplies need to be stored. I’m looking at stocking up on boxes of MRE’s and the like. While not tasty, it will let me survive. Also, being out in the middle of the desert, water is essential. Stocking up on gallons of water and some water purification means is also a must. Just takes money and some storage space to do this, I can rearrange for storage, money is a bit tricky though.

What about if I (or you, dear reader) have to leave? Well then a bug out bag, or bug out vehicle is in order. For those of you that don’t know what a bug out bad is, it is a bag that has everything in it you would need to survive for close to a week on your own. Think of a camping in the wilderness kit. For those of you in the city, it would be a little different, but essentially the same. I don’t really have a good bug out bag assembled yet, but I am in the process of making a list of contents.

My friend Ian had this advice : “My very best advice is to build a kit and go spend a weekend camping with it. You’ll figure out what suits you best and you’ll doctor to suit. Took me about 4 trips to figure out just what I would want to carry and what I would need.”

“I have a small kit for each car and a primary in the house, readily accessible. Inventories vary, but the basic goal is to figure out what you need for a 3 day weekend in the worst weather you can imagine. Then doctor to suit. I have mine prepped for 2 weeks in the snow, which makes it very heavy.”

“Also, ALWAYS include two forms of fire. I carry a standard lighter and a magnesium starter with kindling.”

My friend Cameron had add on advice:  “Fuel would be a concern. Centerfugal pump at easy reach with enough hose to get fuel from gas station tanks is a must.”

If you think about it, this “bag” is going to get large and heavy, it may turn in to a pack, or a vehicle. I’m thinking of fixing up my Explorer in to a bug out vehicle. Needs a little work, but well within the realm of possibility. 

The only problem, I am thinking about only myself. If I really stop and think about it I have other people to consider. My mom lives about a mile away, and she wouldn’t go anywhere without her damnably spoiled, pansy, annoying dog. My grandparents (moms parents) who are in their 80’s live an hour away in a smaller town, just as out in the middle of the desert. My dad (in his early 70’s) lives about 20 miles West of them.I would need to think about how they are going to survive…and the arsenal of weapons and ammo my grandpa has, and how it may come in handy. Also to think about is my girlfriend, her two little girls (2 and 4), and her whole family that lives with her. Human attachments make survival scenarios complicated. 

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One thought on “Emergency preparedness

  1. Complicated, yes. That’s why rather than bugging you, you just build a compound and bring everyone you care about together. My Kelty backpack is my bug out bag – packed and ready to go in the garage. Good idea to have some supplies (especially water) on hand in case of an emergency – we’ve got some stored in each of our vehicles as well as a larger supply at the house.

    What prompted this post? Do you see something on the horizon?

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