Valentine’s Day has gone to the birds! Or, A Long Valentines Story.

Until last night I have never had a Valentine, that’s right NEVER. Always been single on V-Day, never had a date on V-Day, etc. My luck with women is known to be profoundly bad….until now. Seems I have found a woman that actually cares about me and wants to be with me, I’m still in a state of shock over this as it is a very foreign feeling and concept.

Anyway, I wanted to make Valentines Day nice for us. Now this is no easy feat when your significant other doesn’t have a set in stone work schedule, and only get’s to know what she is working less than a week in advance. So on Monday I found out that my girlfriend had to work util at least 7:30 on Valentine’s day. Which means that by the time she gets home, spends some time with her daughters, gets cleaned up, etc….she is at my place some time around 8:30 or 9:00. Every restaurant in this town, except for Dennys, closes at 9:00. I am getting really sick of going to Dennys on our date nights, let alone Valentine’s Day. So my solution? I’ll bbq!

I came home from work, cleaned up the apartment, did dishes, started prepping food, marinating steaks, and then cleaned myself up all nice and dressed all spiffy. I wanted to look and smell good for my girl after all. About 8:30 I had just put the steaks on the grill, potatoes were almost done, veggies were steaming, and the garlic break was warming up, (sound good?) when my beautiful girlfriend arrived. I won’t tell you what she was wearing, but I will tell you it distracted my cooking efforts, a lot.

After pouring her a drink I went out to flip the steaks. As I walked out the back door movement startled me, and I see a sparrow alight from the back porch light and start flying straight up in to the roof overhang, about 6 inches from my wide open back door. Not understanding why this bird is flying around at night but seeing what is about to transpire, I lunged to the back door to shut it. Alas, I was too late. The sparrow flew right in to my apartment, and that is when the hijinks began. My girlfriend and I spent about 20 minutes trying to shoo this stupid bird out of one of the open doors in my apartment. Only to have it panic and keep flying around, bashing its little birdy head in to the ceiling. Finally it became too tired to fly, or else it gave itself a concussion by repeatedly hitting its head on the walls, ceiling, book case, X-Box, clean dishes. So I was able to scoop it up and deposit in in the tree out front. It wasn’t there this morning, so maybe it’s okay. Either that or the mangy stray cat that was hanging around last night got a Valentine’s Day meal.

After depositing the sparrow outside…I realized the steaks were still on the grill! lucky enough I must have turned the grill heat all the way down by reflex when the sparrow startled me. Because the burners where turned down, and the steaks were not totally ruined.

Stupid bird.

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One thought on “Valentine’s Day has gone to the birds! Or, A Long Valentines Story.

  1. Silly bird, houses are for people! Glad the steaks weren’t ruined. Hope you had a great v-day; sounds like you probably did even if there were a few hijinks along the way.

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