So last weekend I made a discovery, something I should have found long ago, alas….I did not. I discovered the TV show, Castle! I have been a fan of Nathan Fillion since I discovered the genius that was the one and only season of Firefly.

When I discovered Firefly it was already cancelled, and the movie follow up Serenity was already on DVD. I of course was angered at myself for discovering such a wonderful show so late, and I was mad at FOX for their short sited decision in cancelling it. My grief was later asuage’ by Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. By the way Dr. Horrible, you win the internet. It can evolve in to something else now. After that I never found a tv show that filled that comedy drama niche for me. Sure, there is The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Hell on Wheels for my dramatic/fantasy/horror needs. But now, thanks to a TNT marathon, and my DVR, I have discovered Castle, and it is good.

Side note, if you have not watched Firefly turn on the science channel, Netflix, HULU, or whatever your preferred motion picture medium is, and bask in its glory…NOW!



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5 thoughts on “Discovery!!!!

  1. I believe a friend of yours told you about Castle awhile ago… you told him about The Walking Dead, and he said you should be watching Castle. Pretty sure that happened. If only I had been there to say for certain… Oh, wait a minute, I was! 😛

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