A bachelor concoction

The other night I was hungry, and I didn’t really have anything to cook that didn’t need time to thaw out. Truthfully, I felt all kinds of lazy and didn’t really feel like cooking anyway. The fridge was getting kind of bare, I probably had more beer than food (and oddly enough, a bottle of champagne).  However, I did have about a pound of leftover ground beef that I had browned with minced garlic for another dinner and only used about half of. I also had about half a can of corn leftover from yet another dish I made. I looked through my cupboard and found a can of diced tomatoes in garlic…and an idea formed. I threw this mix together in a pan with some spices and cooked it up a bit. It wasn’t bad, would have been better with rice, or mixed with rice and used to stuff a bell pepper. 

I have found that I have made many “thrown together” dinners that turned out really good, a few did not. Sadly I can never remember how I made the ones that turned out really good 😦 I’ll always remember some of the big screw ups though..yuck. I think it is part of being a bachelor, we throw things together, live off food that we probably shouldn’t, spend way too much on eating out, and yes…we have more beer than food. Really though, beer is a type of food. It’s like liquid bread 🙂

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One thought on “A bachelor concoction

  1. Had some liquid bread for dinner tonight myself.

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