Yesterdays rant was deleted by wordpress, so here it is again: A Rant

I posted a rant here and on Facebook yesterday that ended up getting deleted by WordPress, so I am posting it again. The funny thing is, the rant on Facebook ended up with a bet between two of my friends who have never met. One is in England and one is in Tahoe, and the bet is a £5.00 note on whether or not the furlough will go through as a part of Sequestration.

A rant:

Dear House, Senate, President, Republicons and Demorats,

You have increased my payroll taxes, health care deductions and premiums, cut my health care coverage, and now you are going to take 16 hours away per check. This affects my retirement, leave, and cuts 20% of my pay. I will of course look at ways to save money, trimming the fat out of my budget (something you won’t do). 

Downgrading cell phone/plan, turning the thermostat down, no eating out, (etc.) are all of course fairly common sense things (again, something you don’t have). However, if it comes down to losing my car or not paying my Federal Student Loans back, my student loans arn’t getting paid. Not that I’ll be driving much at that point, but at least I’ll have something to show for fucking my credit up. Also, why should I pay you when you decide to rape me? 

Furthermore, if the 20% is harder hitting than I thought, or lasts longer than it is supposed to, you may see a very naughty Travis. 

Finally, as the Russians used to say during the days of the USSR: “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.”

Have a nice day.

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3 thoughts on “Yesterdays rant was deleted by wordpress, so here it is again: A Rant

  1. WordPress deleted all of my photos from multiple blog posts the other day. I am less than impressed so far. If they get any complaint they just hit delete.

  2. I’m fairly certain that most people think government employees (including contractors) only pretend to work as it is. We both know that isn’t the case. We both know that 20% cuts across the board hurt the people at the bottom far more than they hurt the people at the top… And, we both know that our current two party system is broken.

    Unforunately for you, I wouldn’t have taken that bet. I’m fairly certain the cuts are going to go through. Before you turn into naughty Travis, let me know… I’m sure we can help one way or another.

  3. Love the rant, and WP really deleted? So much for freedom of speech!

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