My girlfriend says she is slowly domesticating me, some like djmatticus would say this is a good thing, others like my friend Dalyn would say “Gross” (he in fact did say that). I have always been a loner, the thought of domestication kind of scares me. I’ll have to think on this more, for now I am going to go read some comic books and drink a Lobotomy Bach.

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3 thoughts on “Domestication

  1. Often the path of domestication is the path of least resistance. All those times we thought that those older gents were whipped…. yeah… they just knew how to pick their battles. If doing the dishes means the lady gets in the mood later…. the trade is good. The challenge comes in determining where to fight and where to be domesticated. Cats are domesticated….. doesn’t mean they do anything other than what they want.

  2. Domestication is neither good nor bad… It is just what it is. Who is to say that you can’t be domesticated and still enjoy a good comic book and a Lobotomy Bach when you feel like it? Why is it assumed the two don’t go together?

    Life marches invariably forward, and we change and adapt with every passing second. That too is just what it is. Neither good nor bad but life.

    Besides, I already considered you domesticated… I know how you were raised.

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