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Between work, girlfriend, and attempting to get back in a workout routine (and failing), I haven’t been keeping up with writing. That and my life is boring, I’m a bit of a hermit and lot broke, so I really don’t go out on any adventures to write about.

I downloaded this app to make it easier to write. Unsure if I like the app at this point, maybe it’s just my phone?

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One thought on “Phone app

  1. Why do you need to have stories from your current life to have things to write about? You have a past, yes? You have a future, yes? Talk about some ancient history. Talk about your hopes for the next couple of years.

    Or, just make something up. Play along with the daily prompts. Check out the Prompts ForThePromptless at There are wordless Wednesday Challenges you could participate in. There are Trifecta challenges. Games of TAG and Tug-Of-War. Plus, I’m sure you have some award nominations you could respond to. Voila! I just took care of a couple weeks worth of posts for you. Now get on it!

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