Yesterday morning, still in a bit of a sleepy stupor, I went to put on a pair of workboots I hadn’t worn in quite a while and discovered that the laces were very very wet. I did a little investigation and found that the wall between my closet and water heater was wet. Also wet, was the carpet right underneat an old pine armour.

Long story short, a fitting on the supply line of the water heater had a slow small leak that had gone undiscovered for a long time.

My landlord fixed the leak quite promptly. He then pulled up the corner of the carpet that was affected by the leak, found the carpet and padding was soaked and moldy, a sis the wall in the closet that is behind the baseboard. He of course said everything just needs to be dryed out, and would be fine, and promptly left. Would not listen to my concerns about the mold, carpet replacement, wall fixing, etc.

Today I’m looking for a new
apartment. Nothing decent in town for what I am paying now, and not sure how I can afford a hike in rent with the 20% pay cut coming, but I don’t want to sleep in a moldy bedroom.

I’m looking at a place tomorrow 🙂

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