Apartment update

So after spending only a couple days looking at a few apartments I found a pretty decent condo for only 70.00 a month more than I am paying now. My current place is no where near up to code, has old carpet, single pane windows that are loose, doors that don’t quite fit right, and a and a really shitty little 1970’s “eficiency kitchen.” However, I will say it has a decent sized back yard, a lot of closet space, and I made it mine.

The new place is totally remodeled; double pane’d windows, doors that fit and seal, over sized and high efficiency A/C and heater. Tt has a regular kitchen, small…but still regular, I’m excited it has a regular stove and fridge..and a dishwasher! The bottom floor is all tile, with a nice half bath. The stairs and top floor has all new carpet. Two bedrooms, with a nice sized master bedroom and a nice master bath. It has a garage, which my current place does not. However, the garage is so small my Challenger will barely fit in it. I’m just going to use it for storage and a space to work out in (punching bag/stand, weights, etc.) Sadly the new place has a lot less closet space, and basically no back yard. However, it is still a nicer place overall and well worth the 70.00 hike in rent, even with the impending 20% pay cut. 

Best of all..NO MOLD!

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One thought on “Apartment update

  1. Hooray for zero mold!

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