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Getting ready to move sucks, transferring bills to a new place, turning on utilities, etc., all a hassle that no one ever wants to go through. I started the process today by calling Direct TV Movers Department to schedule a date for someone to come to the new place after I move in and hook up my receivers.

The first person I get is a woman named Shaniqua, and she sounds like she is talking through a mouth full of marbles and bubble gum, and every other word is “awesome.” Three words in, and I am already less than impressed with her CSR skills, and her obvious lack of mastery of the English language. Shaniqua proceeds to tell me that I qualify for a movers discount, and I will only have to pay Direct TV 184.00 to have my receivers hooked up at the new place. I was floored…184 dollars for maybe 30 minutes worth of work? And that is a discount?! I asked Shaniqua what it would cost me to cancel my Direct TV service, and she informed me that it would be 240.00. I told her I would have to think about it, because the 240 isn’t that much more than the 184, and it would save me a lot of cash in the long run. 

A while later I called the Movers Department back, just to see if they could do anything for me, this time I get April. April sounds like her girlfriend used too big of a strap on the night before, and she won’t be shitting right for a week. April bitchely tells me that 184.00 is a valid fee, and I can pay it or cancel; she can not give me any kind of deal or incentive. April can kiss my ass. I hung up in a very angry fashion. 

A bit later I call customer service/sales after that and tell Janet that I have no incentive to not pay the cancellation fee because it will save me money in the long run. Janet is just as frustrated as me because she had to pay her own damn company over 200.00 when she moved. Janet calls me honey and dear, and transfers me over to Tasheka in the Retention Department.

Tasheka asks me to explain my problem with Direct TV and why I may want to cancel. I tell Tasheka that I am about to receive a 20% pay cut, I have to move because my current landlord is a dumb ass and I don’t want to live in mold, and my new place is more expensive. I’m seeing a lot of money go out the window, and at this point paying the 240.00 will save me a lot of money in the long run. I describe every conversation I have had with the Direct TV movers people up to this point also. Tasheka throws in a lot of “Mmmmhmmm” while I am telling her all this, with that last few sounding irritated as I tell her about the Movers Dept. She askes me a few questions, spends a lot of time typing, and then asks me if 20.00 sounds better than 184.00. I of course exclaim “YES!” and then ask her how she can give me a 160.00 discount. She says “Honey, I work in retention, we have powers.” I could almost hear her head bob around as she said it. 

Direct TV sucks. The option to cancel is still sitting in my head, and I may do so after my 2 year contract (only 1 more year to go) is up. I rather not give my money to such a shitty company.

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3 thoughts on “Direct TV

  1. There’s a Shaniqua I deal with too, in another service industry. Same one? Does she move from job to job?

  2. Shaniqua is everywhere!!

    Good job with hanging up and calling back until you got something that worked out for you. I need to do this with my cable company… but, I think they know that I really don’t want to switch to dish (installing a dish on my condo is an ordeal, has to get HOA approval, nulls my roof warranty, etc…) and then I’d still have to figure out internet with someone too. My cable bill has gone up 10 dollars in two separate chunks in the last 4 months. Since I first got cable 7 years ago my bill has gone up 60 dollars – same service, same channels, same everything, just 60 more of my dollars per month for the privelidge of being a loyal customer…

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