Money Stress

So I was trucking along just fine after the holidays were over. Credit card was about to be payed off (and is payed off), tax return was going to be used to attend my friends Bachelor Party and help me stand up with him as a Groomsman when he gets married, I had a plan to save money and all my bills were being easily met. 

Now the furloughs are going to hit in about a month, and I will be losing 300.00 to 350.00 per paycheck. On top of this I am having to move in to a new place that is 70.00 more a month in rent, plus I now have another utility fee. Water is included in the apartment I am vacating, but it is not included in the new place, so a 60.00 deposit and a 20.00 hook up fee is needed. 

Bachelor party for me is a no go obviously, the wedding will still happen, I made a promise that I intend to keep. 

So it’s time to start shaking other bills. No more comic book collecting, no more Sirius Radio, the smart phone will turn in to an old flip phone without a data plan, and sadly….I will have to park the Challenger and walk/ride a bike to work. Eating out of course will become non existent unless someone else is paying, and I will be buying groceries as cheap as possible. I’ll  find other ways to cut back too.

Now some of you may say, well welcome to the rest of the country, we have all been hurting for a while. Indeed this is true, but government jobs on average make half as much as their private sector counterparts do, and that includes the benefits.

Plus, why do I have to hurt just because you have? Why can’t we all succeed? 

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4 thoughts on “Money Stress

  1. It’s a sad state of affairs that we live in this most prosperous country and we can’t have quality of life. Send your post to the White House, let them know what reality is.

  2. The President doesn’t care, this was his idea after all. If he really cared, he wouldn’t be off golfing with Tiger, he would be sitting down with congress and talking it out. He waited until the day of the sequestration deadline to do so. Congress (both houses) don’t care either, they haven’t been able to get a budget going in years. Repubs and Dems both suck ass.

  3. Sarcastic response: if we all succeed, how do we measure success?
    And now on to the real response: you really going to park the car and take a bike to work? Sucks about the additional utilityon top of everything else. Repubs and Dems do both suck… but, you already know how I feel on this subject. How can we really expect those in power to to work for us when we give them the power to look out for themselves first?

  4. Chris

    Every country has the governement it deserves 😉

    Here in old europe we have the same problems. Just with different politicians xD

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