Hello everyone, my name is Travis, and I am a book-a-holic.

That’s right, I am addicted to books. As I pack my books to move, I realize just how many I have. I have three large bookcases dedicated to just horror, sci fi, mystery..and any other good fiction. I have another medium sized book case that is overflowing with history and biography books. The fifth bookcase is full of Trade Paper Back comic books (TPB) and graphic novels. 

Speaking of comics and my addiction, I have 9 long boxes, two foot lockers, one short box, and thirteen, 3″ three ring binders that are full of comic books. Plus three more and one TPB sitting on my coffee table that are unread. 

Yup, I’m an addict of the written word. I am loathe to get rid of any book I have purchased and read, even the bad ones. 

I need help. 😛

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6 thoughts on “Addicted

  1. Having moved several times recently and with another one upcoming, I’ve been trying to set some sort of standard for keeping a book. Will I re-read it? Was it great? Might someone I know like to borrow it? It’s really hard to let any of them go.

  2. Hi Travis,
    Welcome to the group. The first step, of course, is admitting you have a problem. The second step is feeding your addiction with some new books!
    Speaking of “new” books. Have you read any of the ones you borrowed?

  3. That’s what makes e-Books downloaded to a kindle so good. They take up a lot less space 🙂

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