Rain Day

He stood there outside his front door, looking up in to the sky. The rain washed over his face, through his beard and down his neck, cleaning the dust of the day off his skin. He took his grease stained gloves off and shut the garage door; a cement floor was not a place to be lying on when the temperature started to drop. Besides, the day was called because of rain. Rain days were few and far between, they were days for sitting on the porch with a hot cup of coffee and looking out across the desert to the mountains.

The desert is a hard place, he thought as he gazed at the landscape that surrounded his home, full of jagged and sharp edges. In the summer it was hot, dry, dusty and shades of brown as far as you can see, if your not looking closely that is. In the winter, cold, dry, and dusty. Not as cold as other places, but still colder than most people realized and of course, windy. It didn’t matter what time of the year it was, it was almost always windy. Normally just breezy, but it could change to the kind of wind that blows over telephone poles and rips the roofs off houses. But today wasn’t windy, today was rain.

The rain would be welcome by everyone, especially if it were to be a rainy winter. A rainy winter meant that wildflowers and desert grasses would be abounded in the spring. The desert wildlife might have a chance to live a little easier this next year, instead of coming in to the towns for food and water. He didn’t know how many cats and dogs the people in town had lost to the coyotes this year, but he knew it had been a lot. Just the other day he read that a bobcat was actually seen in town carrying off a small dog. The animals were desperate if they were getting that close to people. He hoped this was the sign of a rainy winter, to change all that.

In his own way he was like the animals that lived in the desert; wary of other people, only going in to town when he had to and full of scars from a hard life. He gave a small smile and shook his head at that thought; the things he thought of when stopping to enjoy the rain. He walked under the porch, wiping the water off his face and kicking the mud off his boots before going in the house. It was time for that coffee.

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One thought on “Rain Day

  1. I missed it… spent the best part of the rain day locked in the office at work. :-/ Maybe it will be wet winter… I certainly hope so.
    Fantastic bit of writing. Keep it up!

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