Monsters within the system

Their is a man who’s job as a public defender is to fight for criminals, give them reduced sentences, or to make sure they are not sentenced for their crimes. He is good at his job. He did inappropriate things to my nieces, his own daughters and never once did he get in trouble. I thought he was a moron and a soft headed liberal for wanting to fight for felons, now I just see him as a monster that wants to make sure other monsters are free. He wants to spread the darkness within him to the world.

Their was another man that was a Kern County Sheriff Deputy. When he was a child his father mercilessly and routinely beat him and his mother. As an adult, he cheated on every woman he had and abused them too. He would bristle and yell if he thought he was being called a liar. He admitted he married a woman so she and his son would do the things around the house that he didn’t want to do. He picked up this wife by the throat and slammed her against the wall for an imagined slight. The Sheriff Department and the DA convinced his wife to not press charges. He was my stepfather. He is now a prisoner in his own body due to a series of strokes. A caged animal and he is his own cage.

The same DA was arrested for breaking his wife’s arm.

Their is a woman trying to get custody of her daughter from her felonious ex. She has a damn good chance, if she can scrounge up the $1,500.00 retainer fee for a lawyer.

The system doesn’t work. The system is rigged.

A black man tried breaking in to my apartment early Monday morning as I was sleeping. His bumbling woke me up. The police came but there bumbling caused him to get away. If he had got in the apartment, my .45 wouldn’t have.

Not all monsters are part of the system.

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One thought on “Monsters within the system

  1. Hmmmmmmm
    I wonder if it was the guy that leaves in the other apartment C… I knocked on his door by mistake once. Maybe he was drunk and got confused?
    Otherwise, yes, the .45… that works much faster than the police… and we all know the system can’t be trusted to provide truth or justice anymore anyway.

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