A slow, hot, bath

Nothing like giving my baby a slow hot bath. Running my hands over her curves while lathering her up. Touching every line and crevice. Running clean water over her body, and gently rubbing her down afterwards. Yup, I do love washing my car. My Challenger is all clean and shiny now.

I posted that a while back on my Facebook. My then girlfriend, now wife, at first was embarrassed because she thought it was about her. After that she was just supremely annoyed that it was about my Challenger. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “A slow, hot, bath

  1. You sound like my husband with his cars. I even get jealous at them sometime. LOL.

    • My wife hates my car. She says that if I could have married the car instead of her, I would have.

      • Lol. I know how she feels. I tell my husband he treats his “bitch” (I call his car that) with more love than me.

        The other day I saw him gazing longingly At his phone, so I peek to see Who those googly eyes were for. And on the screen was his Mustang; he had just washed, cleaned and polished it, so he took pictures of it and was staring at it with love. *eyeroll*

    • I think you and my wife would get along very well just based on this subject.

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