A morning with a gun

Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day and a day where you are supposed to wear orange if you are against gun violence. Though most people I see promoting the day are more anti gun than anti gun violence. There is a difference, though some would disagree.

Anyway, I am not here to change anyone minds, to argue, etc. I am here to tell a story and ask a question. If at the end you want to respond but cannot do so in a respectful manner, no matter what your views are, please depart now.

First, a little background.

As I have stated before I am originally from the small town (2,000 people or less) of Boron in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Boron is located pretty much half way between Mojave and Barstow, on Highway 58. The closest police (unless things have recently changed) are the Kern County Sheriff’s Department (KCSD) substation and Highway Patrol, both located in Mojave. Mojave is 30 miles away.

A while back the Borax Mine in Boron was going through a lock out, sort of a reverse strike. The union and management couldn’t come to terms; but instead of the workers going on strike the management locked them out of the mine and brought in scabs. The scabs were all bussed in from out of town hotels, and by out of town a mean places like Ridgecrest that are an hour away from Boron. It would be stupid to house a scab in Boron unless you wanted them dead, which brings me to my story.

I went to Boron one morning to visit my grandparents. I arrived earlier than I had originally told them, mainly because I couldn’t sleep. Instead of interrupting their morning and eating them out of house and home, as I was starving, I decided to have breakfast at the local diner, sip coffee, and read a book. I did notice that there were three good ol boys at a booth a ways down from me, but I didn’t give them much thought. In hindsight, they did look over at me an awful lot. I was there maybe an hour drinking coffee and reading, when the waitress came over and asked me if I wanted another cup of coffee, I politely declined telling her that I would finish the mug I was working on and go. I noticed the good ol boys got up and went outside at that point, but didn’t think anything of it.

See where this is heading?

I paid, went outside, and immediately found two of the good ol boys between me and my car. The third was behind me, evidently he was around the corner of the diner, waiting to see if I would come out that door. They started threatening me, telling me that they were going to kick my ass, accusing me of being a scab at the mine and taking their jobs. I tried to protest and I tried to head back in the diner, but I was cut off from that avenue of escape by the guy behind me. As they all started advancing I drew my .357 and yelled at them to stop. The two in front of me immediately began backing up and a quick glance behind me showed that the one in back was also backing up. It was at this point that I reiterated to the men that I was in fact not a scab, I did not work at the mine, and that actually worked for the DoD. They backed away further with one giving me a half assed apology and telling me I looked like one of the scabs they had watched come in to the mine on a bus. My response “If I was getting bussed in, why would I be here in my own Explorer and why would I be stupid enough to just come in here alone to eat?” They had no answer, but did immediately leave. I sat in my Explorer after that, just trying to calm down. I am man enough to admit I was unnerved by the situation after it was over. I’m also man enough to admit that I screwed up and did not call the KCSD afterwards. Potentially a big screw up.

So….Yes, I had my 357 concealed on my person. I have a legal California Concealed Carry Weapons Permit which allows me to carry a gun, concealed, on my person, in to most places within California. I had to pass a firearms safety class, and show that when I shot my 357 I could hit my target. If at anytime anyone was unsafe with their gun during the class, they automatically failed.

Now, here is my question: If I hadn’t had my 357, what do you think would have happened?

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13 thoughts on “A morning with a gun

  1. I’m not totally against EVERYTHING except hunting animals. I think we do have a right to defend ourselves against horrible humans. Here’s a story I just heard and it’s scary. A friend of mine owns a plant nursery, really gentle guy, but the owner of the store attached to him is UNBALANCED and crazy out of control. (I’ve seen it) My friend has done all he could with the owner of the property to stop this guy from taking his biz, etc. and even customers have called the prop owner to complain about the way he acts. OK, couple days ago, other guy acting weird to my friend, entering his biz and yelling at him, holding up signs to show he was selling similar stuff cheaper. When my friend asked him to leave his property, the other guy picked up a small gardening spade that was on the ground and stabbed my friend. He went for his throat (jugular area) but my friend held up his arm to block it and ended up getting stabbed in his arm (underside of arm) so deep it needed a dozen stitches. The other guy was arrested and put in jail for a day or so, now he got a high powered attny and is saying he did it in self defense which is NOT true at all. So would a gun have helped or hurt the situation? Now my friend has to get his own attorney to fight the lies. (It would be really hard for them to move to another location and why should he be forced out?) Long comment, I know, sorry. I wish I knew how to help this gentle guy.

  2. No gun? You against three pissed off miners? Probably would have ended with you in the hospital.
    I’m glad it ended the way it did. And we won’t even get into how I feel about the need for conceal carry permits.

  3. I think you would’ve ended up hurt. I don’t believe that guns are the problem as I believe some people who carry them shouldn’t. And I do mean SOME. I believe we have a right to defend ourselves by any means necessary. It is our right. Unfortunately, I have a problem with those individuals who don’t understand that with the right to carry a concealed weapon, comes a tremendous amount of responsibility. There are so many senseless deaths at the hands of people carrying guns.. and to make it clear, I said PEOPLE carrying guns. I don’t think guns are the problem, unfortunately it’s part of the disease to many deaths. I don’t believe government has a right to tell us we cannot carry our concealed weapons if we have a permit. But, I do believe something has to be done to make sure they are not landing in the wrong hands.

    • While I agree with your comment, your last sentence is the hard one. It leads to the questions that tend to divide people on this subject: What can be done? Do you infringe upon people’s rights to make other people safe? Or do you just let things stay the same? Who’s to say what the wrong hands are? Do we leave it at mentally unstable and felons? Then again, what if a felon is truly rehabilitated? Doesn’t he have the right to defend himself? What about those with mental illness? Should we label them as such so they can’t buy guns, or is that something that we have to keep private?

      • It is where the division happens, mostly because this country as a whole is so divided in general. The fact is that something has to change, things can’t go the way they have. I do think that restricting them to the mentally ill and felons is a start. I can understand a felon who has truly rehabilitated, but, we can’t take the risk. Unfortunately in my opinion, the day you committed the crime you forfeited your right to carry a gun. As for the mentally ill, I don’t believe it is something we can keep private. Unfortunately, the safety of many, including themselves at times is on the line. The risk is too high. Plus, I believe part of the stigma that follows mental illness comes from the fact that it’s been kept in the dark for so long. It’s not understood, therefore it’s part of the shame when you are labeled. BUT, that’s a different discussion :). The bottom line is we all have the right to be safe and if the only way to do that is putting more restrictions on the accessibility of carrying guns, I’m okay with that.

      • Mental health issues are a different, but similar discussion. One that many people need to start having, in my opinion. 🙂

      • Yes sir :)! Very much agree.

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