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What dreams may come….

Not long ago I had an odd dream. I have been mulling it over in my head, and I think I may have it figured out, but I am not totally sure.

In my dream I was in prison, slated for execution. However this was not a normal prison, it was set up kind of like the Matrix. Everyone was in a rack, in a coma like state, but hooked up to some sort of hood. The hood fed your consciousness in to a VR prison. People on death row were given the privilege of dying how ever they wanted to in the VR world, just as long as they died. Death in the VR world would make your body die in the real world. 

Well in my dream the VR system broke down, and all the inmates found themselves awake, in a prison devoid of guards, and a world going through some sort of apocolyptic event. I had a vague sense that it was something along the lines of The Road, but with more death. My dream shifted to three of us banding together to explore/survive the outside world.  I remember that one of the inmates and I had a family bond, he may have in fact been my grandpa, but I am not sure. I do know that I somehow ended up with one of my grandfathers old revolvers. 

We were packing supplies on to some sort of sled or wagon contraption, not really sure what it was. When the third inmate, out of no where, killed the one that may have been my grandfather. That inmate and I fought, trying to kill one another, but not succeeding. We eventually called a truce, and decided to still team up so that we might survive the outside world. 

My dream them shifted to us exploring an old shed like structure. I asked the inmate what his way to die in the vr world was. When he did not answer, I turned around and he was gone. I walked outside the shed and went over to the sled thingy, when out of no where he attacked me with a knife, stabbing me in the lower back. I pulled out the old revolver and emptied it in to his face. At that point in the dream I was looking down on myself, and watched as I slumped over the sled thing, and laughed as I died. 

My perspective changed to that of a prison guard, standing next to a bank of controls and monitors. I was watching my own death through the monitor. I looked at a female prison guard sitting at the controls and asked her “what was that all about?” She looked at me and said, “he died how he wanted to, and I think he figured it out at the end.”

After that, I woke up, 

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