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The last coyote

I had to be out in the North Ranges at 6am this morning for a lengthy inspection. I drove my little work ranger around the base of the hills, at the edge of the dry lakebed, and the sun rose copper red behind smoke from a fire in the North. The light was dim, but not dark.

As I drove slowly over an unfinished road re-pave, a coyote wondered out of the desert in front of my truck. I stopped. He stopped and sat down. We stared at each other for an eternity. It felt like he looked in to my soul. It felt like we were the only two beings left on Earth. The last man and the last coyote.

With a Yip, he finally stood up and walked away.

I drove on.

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She is beautiful, but not just physically. She has an immense inner beauty from being loving, compassionate, big hearted, a wonderful mother, a friend, a confidant, and a genuinely good person.

She has an inner strength that she doesn’t realize. Overcoming many personal obstacles and working to overcome more.

She has more intelligence than she gives herself credit for.

Her bluish, greenish, eyes change with her mood.

Her eyes and smile light up a room when she is happy.

She hates my Challenger, but buy’s me new parts for gifts.

She lets me buy parts for her Explorer, on the condition I show her how to install them.

She lets me have control over the remote at night.

She is hard as a rock when her mind is made up and soft when she holds me during times I need comfort.

She is my shotgun rider in the Challenger and I am hers in the Explorer.

She is my fiancée, my Queen, my lover, my best friend, the mother of the daughters I have taken as my own.

She is Love.

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Moments of Beauty

Ever have those moments that stick with you? Ones of incredible beauty?  The ones that take your breath away because they are so beautiful. I have been lucky enough to have a handful in my short life, and I would like to share a few of them with you.

The earliest one I can remember is a sunset. I don’t know how old I was, I just know I was very young and it was in the summer time. Desert sunsets and sunrises can be things of beauty, and this particular sunset has always topped them all for me. Their were clouds in the sky, but it wasn’t totally overcast, and as I said it was summer, so it was hot. That sun was mostly down, and it turned the whole sky a shade of red I can’t even describe. The clouds became a deeper red, almost scarlet. I have never witnessed one like that again.

The next one I can remember, was somewhere in the Mid West, but I do not remember where. I went on a road trip with my dad the week after high school graduation to Michigan, and then to Washington D.C. My dad has a tendency to drive as much as possible, and only sleep in the car at rest stations. At one point in the evening I fell asleep, when I woke up I looked out the car window I saw a big field that went on for a long time until it became trees. Firefly’s where dancing all across this field, while lighting was flickering in the background. I will never forget it.

The next moment came not too many years ago, at a bonfire on the beach in San Diego. I remember looking at the stars over the water, the fire, and some of my closest friends around the fire, and just feeling that it was a thing of beauty.

The wedding of djmatticus and his lovely wife.

The first time I realized I was in love, not falling in love, not what I thought was love, but actually in Love.

Which leads me in to this; the first time I saw love in my beautiful Jennifer. I saw it in her face one day, the depth of her feelings….and it and she, was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

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