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My girlfriend says she is slowly domesticating me, some like djmatticus would say this is a good thing, others like my friend Dalyn would say “Gross” (he in fact did say that). I have always been a loner, the thought of domestication kind of scares me. I’ll have to think on this more, for now I am going to go read some comic books and drink a Lobotomy Bach.

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Lazy Government Workers

I keep hearing how lazy government workers are, and how we deserve this cut in pay, we don’t do anything, get payed too much, etc. 

I’m a Occupational Safety and Health Specialist and I work for the Federal Government on a Research and Development base for the Navy. The base I work on covers a land mass the size of Rhode Island, and their are only five of us Safety Specialists. Here are a few things I do in my job.

1. I logged over 200 inspections last year. Inspections are more than just walking around looking at a building, I also look at their safety procedures, programs, paperwork, protective equipment, etc. After the actual inspection piece is over, I have to do the admin side. Log the inspection in the database, write the safety deficiencies (if their are any), look up the applicable OSHA or NAVOSH Safety reg that it violates, etc. After that comes the re-inspections, tracking the deficiencies to completion, etc.

2. Part of my job is mishap investigation. If someone gets hurt at work, I have to go investigate how and why, again look at safety procedures, documented training for that process, written ORM’s (Operational Risk Management, basically a Job Hazard Analysis), and write a report that goes to Command. I also have to make recommended corrective actions and then track them. I wrote about 20 mishap reports last year, edited probably another 20 for coworkers, and was involved in a hand full of their investigations. 

3. I am the Confined Space Program Manager, Blood Borne Pathogen Program Manager, Traffic Safety/Motorcycle Safety Program Coordinator, Traffic and Motorcycle Safety Policy Council co-chair under the Command Master Chief, Assistant Respiratory Program Manager, and Assistant Fall Protection Program Manager. What does all that mean you ask? 

Well for Confined Space I am essentially the only person on base that can test and write a permit to enter a permit required space. It’s one of those things that if you do your job wrong you can kill someone. No pressure there.

Assistant Respiratory Protection Program Manager. I fit test people to make sure their respirators fit right, make sure they are following procedure, bug their bosses to get them in for fit test etc. The fit test part is a big deal because again, if I don’t do my job right and fit test someone wrong, they inhale the wrong chemical in to their lungs…and you get the idea.

Fall Protection? Well that is inspecting fall protection gear (harnesses, lanyards, self retracting life lines, etc), recommend gear, look at written programs, etc. 

As for the traffic and motorcycle stuff, I coordinate training, make sure it is available, bug people and their commands when the training is needed, help make traffic policy decisions for the base, am a point of contact for traffic related complaints, etc. 

4.) Besides all of that, I am on the Chemical Hygiene Plan council, I am part of the Emergency Operations Center, write safety articles for the base newspaper, take part in safety meetings for various departments, hold safety training’s, help departments draft up safety procedures and ORM’s, audit our own internal safety programs, and then basically do whatever else my boss tells me to do. 

I’m a GS-11, Step 1. My salary is a matter of public record. Other Safety people tell me that if I obtained my Certified Safety Professional cert, with the training/certs I have now and either got a job in the civilian world or consulted, I could easily make 20,000 dollars a year more than I do now. 20,000 a year more is enticing, but the stress isn’t. I like my job, I meet and talk with cool and intelligent people every day, I see cool things that others don’t, I have fun. 

Every day I interact with engineers, chemists, physicists, technicians, guys who blow stuff up, and laborers, and they all just plain work their asses off. Many of them work 10+ hour days just because that is what their project demands, and no, they do not get overtime for it. These are the people that are developing the new tech to keep our soldiers on the battlefield safe. My job is to keep them safe. We are all facing a 20% pay cut because the politicians won’t do their jobs. Yet, we are the lazy government workers. 

By the way, the politicians are exempt from the 20% pay cuts. 

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Yesterdays rant was deleted by wordpress, so here it is again: A Rant

I posted a rant here and on Facebook yesterday that ended up getting deleted by WordPress, so I am posting it again. The funny thing is, the rant on Facebook ended up with a bet between two of my friends who have never met. One is in England and one is in Tahoe, and the bet is a £5.00 note on whether or not the furlough will go through as a part of Sequestration.

A rant:

Dear House, Senate, President, Republicons and Demorats,

You have increased my payroll taxes, health care deductions and premiums, cut my health care coverage, and now you are going to take 16 hours away per check. This affects my retirement, leave, and cuts 20% of my pay. I will of course look at ways to save money, trimming the fat out of my budget (something you won’t do). 

Downgrading cell phone/plan, turning the thermostat down, no eating out, (etc.) are all of course fairly common sense things (again, something you don’t have). However, if it comes down to losing my car or not paying my Federal Student Loans back, my student loans arn’t getting paid. Not that I’ll be driving much at that point, but at least I’ll have something to show for fucking my credit up. Also, why should I pay you when you decide to rape me? 

Furthermore, if the 20% is harder hitting than I thought, or lasts longer than it is supposed to, you may see a very naughty Travis. 

Finally, as the Russians used to say during the days of the USSR: “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.”

Have a nice day.

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Some one else’s blog

I read this earlier and had to share it. I can’t say it better or put my own spin on it without messing it up, so here is the link:

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Big and tall store

A men’s big and tall store staffed by female midgets! I think it would either be so hilarious it would work, or someone would be offended and sue it in to oblivion. 

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A bachelor concoction

The other night I was hungry, and I didn’t really have anything to cook that didn’t need time to thaw out. Truthfully, I felt all kinds of lazy and didn’t really feel like cooking anyway. The fridge was getting kind of bare, I probably had more beer than food (and oddly enough, a bottle of champagne).  However, I did have about a pound of leftover ground beef that I had browned with minced garlic for another dinner and only used about half of. I also had about half a can of corn leftover from yet another dish I made. I looked through my cupboard and found a can of diced tomatoes in garlic…and an idea formed. I threw this mix together in a pan with some spices and cooked it up a bit. It wasn’t bad, would have been better with rice, or mixed with rice and used to stuff a bell pepper. 

I have found that I have made many “thrown together” dinners that turned out really good, a few did not. Sadly I can never remember how I made the ones that turned out really good 😦 I’ll always remember some of the big screw ups though..yuck. I think it is part of being a bachelor, we throw things together, live off food that we probably shouldn’t, spend way too much on eating out, and yes…we have more beer than food. Really though, beer is a type of food. It’s like liquid bread 🙂

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Something to think about

An old and close friend posted something today and I thought that I would share it, it is definitely something to stop and actually think about before responding to. Remember, the world is not always black and what.

“Here’s an idea….. for one day… lets stop talking about how wrong the other political/religious/whatever side is. Believe it or not, the world’s problems are not the fault of your opponent and you do not have the answers.”

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I just read the new Nova series from Marvel comics, created by Jeph Leob. I’m not really sure what to think of it. I loved the fourth volume of Nova that ran from 2007 to 2010, by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, known collectively as DnA. Their run on the second volume of Guardians of the Galaxy is also one of my other favorites. 

Under DnA, Nova became more than just a knockoff mix of Green Lantern and Spider-Man mixture, he became a strong hero in his own right. If you are a fan of space comics, you would love Nova. However, after reading the 1st issue of this new Nova series, with a main character that is only 15 years old…he again feels like a knockoff Green Lantern, Spider-Man mixture. What’s worse, he feels like a Nova knock off too. I’m going to give it a couple issues and see how it goes, but as of right now with issue #1, it is already on my chopping block. 

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So last weekend I made a discovery, something I should have found long ago, alas….I did not. I discovered the TV show, Castle! I have been a fan of Nathan Fillion since I discovered the genius that was the one and only season of Firefly.

When I discovered Firefly it was already cancelled, and the movie follow up Serenity was already on DVD. I of course was angered at myself for discovering such a wonderful show so late, and I was mad at FOX for their short sited decision in cancelling it. My grief was later asuage’ by Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. By the way Dr. Horrible, you win the internet. It can evolve in to something else now. After that I never found a tv show that filled that comedy drama niche for me. Sure, there is The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Hell on Wheels for my dramatic/fantasy/horror needs. But now, thanks to a TNT marathon, and my DVR, I have discovered Castle, and it is good.

Side note, if you have not watched Firefly turn on the science channel, Netflix, HULU, or whatever your preferred motion picture medium is, and bask in its glory…NOW!



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I’m alive!

To my readers I have, I apologize for my absence, I am alive and I have thoughts and events bumping around in my head to write about. Life sometimes intrudes on the small things. but I have learned to never let the small things go. I plan on playing some catch up tonight, and perhaps this weekend. 

So to you dear reader, thank you for your understanding and patience.

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